Health Care

In Congress, I will fight to improve the Affordable Care Act so that all of us can get the health care we need at an affordable price. I will fight to make sure no one loses his or her health insurance coverage because of the cost. We can take steps immediately to improve the law.

  • Allow every American to buy in to Medicare as a public option to compete with private health insurers and lower insurance premiums for all of us.
  • Allow the federal government to negotiate cheaper prices for more affordable prescription drugs under Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Make the costs of insurance cheaper by re-funding high risk insurance pools.
  • Create subsidies to allow people in states that refused Medicaid expansion to buy into Medicaid.
  • Fight Republican attempts to allow health insurance companies to re-impose lifetime limits on coverage.

Protecting Our Environment

Climate change is real threat to our economy, our national security and to the health and well being of our children. That’s why I will take strong action to combat global climate change and protect our environment. I will:

  • Strongly oppose President Trump’s massive budget cuts for the clean up of the Chesapeake that would harm both our environment and our local economy.
  • Fight for vital investment in wind and solar power to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels that damage our environment.
  • Support legislation to bring back President Obama’s regulations to combat pollution from coal and transition coal jobs to the production of clean energy.
  • Work to support increased fuel efficiency standards so Americans reduce dependence on oil and cut down on harmful emissions.
  • Fight against President Trump’s dangerous budget cuts that would dismantle the Environmental Protection Agency.


Education is the key to the success of every child in our community. That’s why I will fight to make sure a quality education is available for every student in our district, our state and our country. Here are my priorities.

  • Wire all our schools, libraries and neighborhoods for high speed Internet so rural students have the same opportunity to succeed as those in suburbs and cities.
  • Put more money into classrooms and oppose all efforts to divert money from our public schools to a private school voucher system.
  • Make sure all our students get the proper start by making universal pre-k a reality in every community.
  • Fight for enforcement of laws that guarantee a quality education to those students with disabilities.
  • Help people go to college by making community colleges or the first two years at public universities free and by reducing student debt by allowing students to refinance their college loans for better interest rates.

Reproductive Freedom

In Congress I will fight to ensure that women have the right to choose without governmental interference. I will strongly oppose all efforts by extremists in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood – denying vital health care services for women and families. I will protect access to contraception so we can continue the progress that has been made in reducing unwanted pregnancies.

Creating Jobs and Growing the Economy

In Congress, I will work to create an economy that works for everyone and not just the lobbyists and specials interests. Here’s my plan.

  • Make sure everyone has access to high speed Internet to close the digital divide and help our rural economies grow.
  • Raise the minimum wage to at least $12 an hour and index it to inflation so everyone who works can afford to feed their families.
  • Only support trade deals that are fair to American workers, farmers and companies.
  • Put more money in the pockets of our families by ensuring that women are given equal pay for their work.
  • Create good-paying jobs by investing in infrastructure, new energy and technology.
  • Expand access to credit for small business so they can have the capital they need to expand their businesses and create jobs.
  • Fight for economic fairness to that we can lower the tax burden on middle class families.
  • Oppose President Trump’s hiring freeze for federal workers that continues to do great harm to our community.

Protecting our National Security

As a Marine, protecting our national security has always been a vital part of my life. In Congress, I want to make sure our nation is secure and that our troops and veterans receive the support they deserve. I believe our nation needs to:

  • Exert the full use of diplomacy so we only send our troops into harms way as a last resort.
  • Work with our allies to combat global terrorism. This means reaffirming our commitment to working with NATO and the UN and standing up against irresponsible actions by Russia in Syria that only destabilize the region.
  • Proper investigation into cyber threats such as the Russian hacking into our Presidential election.
  • Keep our promises to our veterans by making sure that they receive the health care and other support they need when they come home.

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

I will strongly oppose any efforts to privatize the vital programs our seniors depend on and will fight against any effort to cut benefits for these programs.

We can strengthen Social Security and give immediate tax relief to employees by cutting the payroll tax and raising the income level that is taxed for Social Security. This will mean more money in the pocket of middle class families after every paycheck.


We need comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together. I strongly oppose President Trump’s policy that has seen ICE raids against law-abiding immigrants and have destroyed families. I believe we need reform that protects our borders, removes violent criminals from our country and provides a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who have been making positive contributions to our communities. I am against this administration’s attempts to divide us by scapegoating immigrant communities.