I believe health care is a human right. I support the single payer healthcare initiatives in Congress now, and would advocate for them when elected. Our campaign wrote a paper outlining our position on single payer healthcare, which can be accessed here. In the interim, I will fight to improve the Affordable Care Act so that all of us can get the health care we need at an affordable price. I will fight to make sure no one loses his or her health insurance coverage because of the cost. We can take steps immediately to improve the law.

  • Allow every American to buy in to Medicare as a public option to compete with private health insurers and lower insurance premiums for all of us.
  • Allow the federal government to negotiate cheaper prices for more affordable prescription drugs under Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Make the costs of insurance cheaper by re-funding high risk insurance pools.
  • Create subsidies to allow people in states that refused Medicaid expansion to buy into Medicaid.
  • Fight Republican attempts to allow health insurance companies to re-impose lifetime limits on coverage.