Education is the key to the success of every child in our community, and public education is one of the great equalizers in our country. That’s why I will fight to make sure a quality education is available for every student in our district, our state and our country. Here are my priorities.

  • Wire all our schools, libraries and neighborhoods for high speed Internet so rural students have the same opportunity to succeed as those in suburbs and cities.
  • Put more money into classrooms and oppose all efforts to divert money from our public schools to a private school voucher system.
  • Make sure all our students get the proper start by making universal pre-k a reality in every community.
  • Fight for enforcement of laws that guarantee a quality education to those students with disabilities.
  • Help people go to college by making community colleges or the first two years at public universities free and by reducing student debt by allowing students to refinance their college loans for better interest rates.