Combating Sexual Assault

When 43% of women and one in five men will become victim’s of sexual violence in their lifetime, its past time for us to do something. Our campaign has prepared legislation that we will submit immediately upon entering office to combat the sexual assault and sexual harassment epidemic in this country. It is composed of four parts:

  • Implement necessary affirmative consent reforms at our colleges and universities to combat campus sexual assault.
  • Transform the way we educate our children about consent, by implementing a curriculum that teaches middle school age kids affirmative consent and helping them understand what is allowed and what is inappropriate and what to do if they find themselves in an inappropriate situation.
  • Reform the process for military sexual assault investigation and prosecution by taking it out of a victim’s chain of command.
  • Require expert-led studies to determine the protocols and procedures that need to be put in place on campuses and in the military so that sexual violence survivors are provided with the resources and support that they need.